15 fun facts you didn’t know about cars and car things

We are always sharing knowledge and useful information with you, so we thought that we would lighten things up a bit, just for a change.

A Playmobil man opening the boot of a beetle after using the Wizzle app

It’s not every day you get to find out obscure and unique facts about the car industry that you’ve never heard before, so why not take a look, once you’ve found out how to sell your car fast by using the Wizzle app, of course!

Step this way and discover some weird and wonderful facts from the automotive world:


  1. At present, there are approximately 1 BILLION cars in use on the planet earth.


  1. Did you know that there are in the region of 165,000 cars produced each and every day globally?


  1. On average, a single car is made up of 30,000 pieces before it is completely built.


  1. Did you know that 19 girls once fitted into a standard smart car, all at the same time?


  1. 75% of all cars that have ever been made by Rolls Royce are still alive and kicking on the roads today!


  1. The first ever car accident was in Ohio, United States, in 1895.


  1. In Russia, it’s a criminal offence to drive your car around if it is dirty!


  1. In Los Angeles, there are more cars in the city than there are people.


  1. Did you know that the person who invented cruise control was in fact blind?


  1. The highest ever recorded mileage of any car was a whopping 2,850,000 miles


  1. In the early 20th century, horses created such a high level of pollution that the invention of the automobile was viewed as the green alternative.


  1. As much as 80% of a car can be recycled.


  1. More than a third (35%) of the entire population of the world travel on the left-hand side of the road when driving.


  1. The average Bugatti customer has roughly 84 cars, three jets and one yacht.


  1. The person who originally invented the intermittent windshield wiper attempted to sell his innovation among the auto industry, but was not successful. So when the modernisation of the wiper started appearing on new cars, he decided to sue, and won!