The movies which have destroyed the most cars

Everyone loves action movies, and with a bigger budget, there will be bigger explosions, bigger car chases, and even more cars destroyed. Take a look below at the movies which have destroyed the most cars – the numbers might surprise you!

movies have destroyed lots of cars over the years

Bullitt – more than 80

In Steve McQueen’s thriller Bullitt, the film became one of the first to create one of the most exciting car chases seen on screen – and it is still considered one of the best. Destroying more than 80 cars in the scene, it was made all the better by having Steve McQueen behind the wheel of the iconic Mustang, reaching speeds of over 100mph.

Blues Brothers and Blues Brothers 2000 – 103 and 104 respectively

The cult hit from the 1980s held the record for most cars destroyed until its sequel came along. Both films amassed a total of 207 cars destroyed, 103 in the original film, 104 in the sequel, in a deliberate move to top the first film by destroying one more car. Most of the cars used in the 1980 film’s main car chase sequence were unsalvageable.

A Good Day to Die Hard – 132

25 years after John McClane first battered his way through Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard, came the 5th instalment. McClane definitely continues to have bad luck, and this film had a total of 132 vehicles destroyed, with over 500 more in a badly damaged state.

The Junkman – 150

There are so many crashes in the 1982 film. Director H.B. Halicki used over 200 cars from his own collection, and destroyed 150 of the cars used in the film. He beat his previous record of 93 cars destroyed in the original Gone in 60 Seconds, which he also directed.

Fast Five – 260

In the whole of the Fast and Furious franchise there have been over 1000 cars destroyed, and with the eighth coming out next year, that number is going to rise. But the individual film that had the most cars destroyed was Fast Five, with 260. The car chases through the streets of Rio de Janeiro with a huge bank vault seems to be the cause of the huge amount of cars wrecked.

Matrix Reloaded – 300

General Motors loaned 300 cars for the shoot of the Wachowski Siblings sequel to The Matrix, and all 300 were destroyed by the end of filming. Some of the cars loaned, like the Cadillac Escalade EXT were also no longer in production, so GM had to create make-shift versions with fibreglass and other car chassis, just to have them destroyed. The film also has one of the longest car chases seen on screen.

Transformers 3 – 532

The cars donated to the film to be destroyed were not usable beforehand, as they were damaged by floods. This meant the 532 cars destroyed in the movie did not need to be insured, making it also one of the cheapest amount of cars destroyed on a movie set.

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