Eight steps to sparkling car exterior cleanliness!

Whether you are using a sell my car app so that you can afford a new car or if you have just bought the car of your dreams and you want to keep it looking absolutely gleaming at all times, we have some super tips on how to get your car exterior clean as a whistle!

A clean wing mirror on a car sold by Wizzle

Prior to getting things started, you will need to make sure that you have the following list of nine cleaning supplies to hand:

  1. A large bucket

  2. A hose with water supply

  3. A large, soft sponge, a chamois and a soft wash mitt

  4. Liquid detergent (Specialist car soaps can be used but they aren’t vital. Just ensure you stick to the guidelines on the product labels)

  5. A polishing sponge or cloth

  6. Car wax

  7. Plastic polish

  8. Metal polish

  9. A toothbrush

Once you have all your car wash products, you can start to wash your car! Remember not to wash your car on a sunny or overly warm day, as this will cause water to dry out too quickly and leave you with soap spots on your car. Either wait for an overcast day, or pull the car into the shade before you begin

Get hosing!

Start off by getting the entire car wet so that you can dislodge surface-level dirt and also remove any general mud and filth from the wheels.

Time to sponge and get scrubbing

Next you will need to give the wheels a good scrub and it’s a good idea to do it at this point as it will prevent any grime from the dirtiest area of your vehicle from being transferred to other parts of the car further down the line.

Mitts at the ready

Now you want to go ahead and gently scrub down the car’s bodywork with your wash mitt. If you want the best results then you want to be thinking about using lambswool mitts to offer you the best outcome, as they are non-abrasive, which will avoid causing damage to your paintwork.

Chamois time

You’ve scrubbed the car down with the mitt and now you need to take the time to dry the car off with a chamois. Go steady and be gentle, rubbing in smallish circles for optimum results.

Brush, brush, brush

You’ve done a great job so far, so make sure this bit is just a good. Take your toothbrush and start removing the dirt out of cracks in the bodywork. You’ll be supremely pleased with yourself when you’ve done this!

Time to shine

Polish up any of the bare metal, but be conscious so as not to use metal polish on non-metal surfaces and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on the product or you could end up spoiling the exterior of your car! Next, use your plastic polish to clean and polish your headlights, brake lights and indicators.


Remember to wax your wheels as well as everything else as this will stop dirt and water affecting the look of your shiny wheels.

Window cleaning

Lastly, and certainly not least, apply some warm, soapy water to your windows, or use glass cleaner on them to get the optimum outcome.