The UK’s top ten most reliable car brands of 2016 revealed

One of the key things that a person looks for in a car is reliability. If you are looking at selling a car online and buying a new one, there is nothing worse than purchasing a car which breaks down every few months, and just seems to sap your finances on constant repairs.

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Luckily, J.D. Power have just released the results of their annual UK vehicle Dependability Study, which measures the problems experienced during the past 12 months by original owners in the UK after 12-36 months of ownership.

For 2016, that means car that were built between 2013-2015. The overall dependability is determined by the number of problems that are experienced per 100 vehicles, so the lower the score, the higher the quality.

For example, bottom of the list was Land Rover, with 197 problems experienced per 100 cars… Ouch! But which are the most reliable car brands? We have taken a look at the top 10 below:

  1. Nissan – 98 problems per 100 vehicles

Sales of Nissan cars have continued to perform well in the UK, with the Qashqai and Juke regularly making appearances near the top of month registration cars. Nissan, however, aren’t the best performing Japanese brand as you will see from the rest of the list…

=8. Toyota – 96 problems per 100 vehicles

In joint eighth places comes Toyota, who are of course another Japanese manufacturer. The premium range of Toyota’s tend to perform quite well in tests like these, making them quite a safe bet for a reliable car. Lexus (their luxury division) is absent from the list due to not having a large enough sample size for J.D. Power to measure.

=8. SEAT – 96 problems per 100 vehicles

One of the big four of the Volkswagen Group brands, and the second to appear in the full listing, with Audi finishing a rather poor 22nd. The Spanish carmaker have recently launched its first SUV in the shape of the Ateca, hoping to break into an already saturated market.

  1. Ford – 95 problems per 100 vehicles

Ford may have two of the nation’s bestselling vehicles, but they may well be disappointed coming in at number 7. However, with the amount of cars they do churn out and how “mainstream” they are, 7th is a fairly respectable finish in our eyes!

=5. Volkswagen – 92 problems per 100 vehicles

After the emission scandal that VW have experienced in 2015, the German giant will want to take any victory they can earn, and a score of 92 is very much a victory!

=5. Peugeot – 92 problems per 100 vehicles

Sharing the 5th spot with VW is Peugeot, who were also the best performing French carmaker in the whole study. Peugeot has also recently completed a revamp of their entire model range, and with this score, they certainly did a good job.

  1. Vauxhall – 90 problems per 100 vehicles

Many people were probably not expecting Vauxhall to finish in such a high position, but after only being beaten by three carmakers in the 2016 study, they have done a pretty good job. With new and improved Astra and Corsa models, Vauxhall are one to watch in the coming years.

  1. Kia – 80 problems per 100 vehicles

The leap between 4th and 3rd position is quite substantial, but Kia have managed it quite well. Their offered seven-year warranty seems to be quite a clever piece of marketing, as their cars rarely go wrong!

  1. Suzuki – 79 problems per 100 vehicles

Top of the Japanese car makers is Suzuki, who have managed to produce many reliable cars in multiple categories. The Swift is a great supermini, the Vitara is an excellent crossover, whilst the Baleno hatchback could prove to be a surprise hit of 2016; watch this space.

  1. Skoda – 66 problems per 100 vehicles

It may be fashionable not to like them, but the Skoda continues to be reliable, finishing top of the pile for the second year running with a very impressive score. Special praise has been given to the Fabia, Octavia and the Yeti for their special performances, helping Skoda to clinch the gold medal.