New Operating System from Alibaba is the future of the tech-car?

AliBaba, the Chinese manufacturing giant has announced it will be launching a "smart operating system" that can be used in cars around the world.

KITT car from Knight Rider

What makes this OS awesome is that it’s already been installed in the Roewe RX5 SUV – the flagship car for the OS - which the company says is "the first internet-connected car of its kind in mass production".

The system works through the cloud and is set to give users unfettered access to an "intelligent map". This tech will enable location by sub-metre tracking, which will be teamed with location tracking that can be accessed without the need for Wi-Fi or GPS.

Additionally, the OS means it can be given commands via voice control, with audio being sounded out as the "primary mode for controlling the system". You’ll truly feel like you’re in the modern world with the four detachable cameras which allows "360-degree in-car selfies", too!

You might be wanting to find out how much your car is worth and seeking an upgrade when you discover the extra tech this car carries! It has what AliBaba has coined as an "internet ID", fundamentally meaning the car is able to distinguish the driver through connected smart phones or watches. What’s more, the ID memorises extras such as favourite music, greetings, along with the driver’s frequently visited destinations.

So the vehicle is a shade away from what David Hasselhoff’s character’s car, KITT, in Knight Rider could do, but it shares similar aspects in that this OS gives drivers a car that is 'knowing' its driver.

The system has been developed in collaboration with the SAIC Motor Corp.

Commenting recently on the car and its technology, Jack Ma, Alibaba’s Chief Executive said: "Humans have made machines more intelligent in the past few decades. What we hope to achieve in the coming decades is to inject machines with human wisdom."

He added: "Just as software programs have made the phone smarter today, YunOS will make cars an even more indispensable part of human life in the future society. Today marks the dawn of that new era. We feel proud and privileged to be playing a part in driving that change."

Image courtesy of Maurina Rara under Creative Commons.