Five more ways to save money on your car insurance

Car insurance is a necessity for every driver, but insurance premiums are ever increasing. Whether you are looking to sell your car and insurer a new one, or renew your policy, we have taken a look at five more ways you can reduce your premium, and save money when it comes to insuring your car.

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Advanced driving qualifications

IAM membership is open to any driver who passes the IAM advanced test, or has another advanced qualification such as a Police Advanced Driving Certificate.

There is a slight catch though, as the Advanced Driver Course costs £149, so it’ll probably take just over two years to make the cost of course back with the money saved. If you are looking to cut your premiums long-term, it is definitely worth thinking about.

You could also look at a Pass Plus course, which varies in cost depending on your instructor, but is around the £180 mark and some local councils even offer discounts on these courses. Many people do not realise that Pass Plus can be taken at any time, and it can help you to save money over the long term.

Get a dash cam

The motoring industry has been heavily affected by what are known as “crash for cash” scams, which has cost the industry over £390 million a year. Due to this, some insurers have started offering a discount to drivers if they equip themselves with a dash cam.

With prices starting from around £40, they are an affordable way to lower your premium. But before you head out and buy one, double check the make and model with your insurer, as some only offer a discounted insurance policy on specific cameras.

Fitting a black box

Telematics devices – otherwise known as a black box – have rapidly increased in popularity over the past few years, particularly with younger drivers. Your driving is monitored by the box or a mobile phone app, and if you are a careful driver it can bring the cost of your insurance down significantly.

Avoid paying monthly

Although it is tempting to spread the cost of your policy over the year with a monthly standing order, you end up paying more for your premium due to admin and processing fees. Although it may sting at the time, paying upfront will save you money over the year.


Haggling may seem quite alien to many of us, as we are used to paying the price we have quoted, but it can get you cheaper prices in the world of car insurance.

About a month before your policy is up for renewal, you should start shopping around for a quote. It may take some time, but it is worth it for the pay off.

Start with the price comparison sites, and check insurers like Aviva and Direct Line who don’t appear in price comparison sites. Make sure these new policies are as good as your existing deal, or your current insurer could use that against you when you are haggling. Note down the cheapest quotes you have found and get into contact with your current provider.

Be firm and stand your ground, but also remember to be polite and you should be fine!

What you need to consider

Although there are multiple ways for you to save on your policy, different methods may not be compatible on the same policy.

For example, an insurer who offers a discount for fitting a dashcam may not be the same who offers the cheapest black box policy. Likewise, a young driver is more likely to benefit from a black box than a middle-aged driver, as the compulsory excess is higher for a younger driver.

Unfortunately, you will never be able to get a policy for a pittance, but these tips may help you to drive down your insurance policy to a much more affordable cost.


Photo courtesy of Pictures of Money on Flickr, under Creative Commons