Choosing optional extras for your new car

So you have decided to purchase a new car, and you have picked the one which best suits your needs. Now it comes to adding those optional extras. Many cars now have good fittings as standard, but when it comes to selling your car in the future, having certain extras can help to boost the price up.

The interior of a BMW, where optional extras can make selling your car easier

With a huge range of personalisation options offered for many cars, it can often be tempting to make your car a one-off. This is perfectly fine, but remember that your taste is not the same as everyone else’s, so selling the car on could be tricky. Whilst leopard-print seats may be your dream interior, you’re probably in the minority!

With this in mind, we have taken a look at a few optional extras that may help your car to hold its value for longer.


Unfortunately, we cannot see into the future and therefore cannot know what people are going to be looking for when it comes to changing cars. This is easier to predict in some circumstance than others. For example, premium-badged models will nearly always be in demand with leather interiors.

It is worth being cautious with regards to Sat-Nav systems, as something that is top of the range one year could quite easily be outdated the next year. Spending the thousands of pounds to add it now will not be recuperated further down the line.


Safety features are becoming an aspect of a car that more and more people are taking into consideration before they purchase, so adding extra features can be a great appeal. Autonomous braking is something which is going being added to more new cars as standard in the future, so adding it now is a way of ensuring you “futureproof” your car and help it to stand the test of time.

It may also mean the difference between a near miss and a certain crash, so having it in the background will help give you greater peace of mind.


As we mentioned above, leather upholstery is a very desirable extra for almost any car, and can draw in used buyers who are looking for a car which is a cut above the rest. It may also be worth considering heated leather seats, to help you on those cold mornings! They can also help to add a sense of superiority to your car, which would appeal to future buyers.

Cruise control is a handy extra for people who drive longer distances which can offer another dimension when it comes to resale, but the model of car in which it is added should be considered. For example, a Fiat 500 isn’t likely to be used as a car to travel long distances up and down the motorway, so this may be a wasted option.

Another feature that many people enjoy is a sunroof. Many younger people aren’t particularly fussed when it comes to a sunroof, but older drivers appreciate the chance of adding in some extra fresh air and sunshine, so will quite often pay more for a car if it has one.


Having Bluetooth as a feature in your car is a big deal nowadays, as people like being able to connect their smartphone through the infotainment system. This is becoming a feature than more used car buyers have said they look for when shopping around, so it is definitely worth adding for re-sale value, as well as for your convenience.

Power adjusted seats are a feature that appeal to many, as you can adjust your chair in multiple ways to suit your driving position. Many cars can also store two different positions in a memory, meaning if you share a car, you and the person you share with can switch between your ideal driving positions at the touch of a button.

They do offer a service and appeal to second hand car buyers, but they can quite often be an expensive extra, so only add these if it makes monetary sense to do so.

At the end of the day, your car is your own and you can customise it how you wish. But if you are looking to get the most money when it comes to re-selling, pick safety features, leather seats, Bluetooth and a sunroof. However, other technology extras may become outdated quickly, which could hinder the sale of your car rather than making it easier.