Four best electric cars in the UK 2016

Thanks to advancements in technology, electric cars can now offer a genuine alternative to their petrol or diesel counterparts.

The smaller, cheaper models have shown that electric vehicles don’t have to break the bank, whilst luxury models show that EVs can be fast and luxurious.

The range of EVs used to be a major issue for consumers, but thanks to drastic improvements in battery density it is now far less of an issue. Charging infrastructure has also been greatly improved, meaning it is now more convenient to stay topped up.

Renault Zoe - prices start at £13,945 after government grant

Renault are well known for producing efficient, compact cars, and the Renault Zoe shows that they can do the same with their EV models. It may not be the most luxurious car in the world, but it does have surprisingly high levels of comfort in the cabin.

The Zoe has pretty good range, around 100 miles in mixed driving conditions, meaning it can more than handle city driving – and that’s when the car is in Eco mode.

When the car is in normal mode, the 80bhp engine has surprisingly good acceleration, and can get to 30mph in just under four seconds. It may take a little longer to get to 60pmh, but it is perfect for urban driving.

Nissan Leaf - prices start at £21,290 after government grant

The Leaf is currently the most popular electric vehicle in the UK, and for good reason. The third-gen 24kWh Leaf starts at £21,290 and the new £24,990 30kWh model extends the range from 124 to 155 miles.

Nissan will also allow you to lease the car’s batteries, which further reduces the price of the 24kWh version to a very enticing £16,290.

It does include a number of nice features, such as a companion app for smartphones that allows owners to adjust their car to the right temperature before they enter. If you are looking to get the Leaf, it will be more for its eco-friendly values rather than driving performance, but similarly to the Zoe, it is perfect for city driving.

BMW i3 – prices start at £25,680 after government grant

A very smart EV, the BMW i3 gives you pretty much everything you’d want from an electric car in a neat little package. Like traditional BMW’s, it is rear-wheel drive, but that’s where the similarities end.

BMW i3 driving on a road, why not sell your car online and upgrade?

Thanks to a lightweight construction, the i3 is very efficient, and will give you around 80 miles per charge from the 168bhp electric motor. However, if you were planning to sell your car online and pick yourself up an i3, you might want to hold off for now. This is because BMW are releasing an upgraded model as early as June, and it’ll have a 50% longer range than previous models.

Tesla Model S – prices start at £55,000 after government grant

At the luxury end of the electric car spectrum, you have the Tesla Model S. It may look understated on the outside, but the Model S is probably the most refined EV on the road today!

Around the same size as an executive saloon, models such as the Model S P90D can do 0-60mph in an astonishing 2.6 seconds! It also features a 90kWh battery, giving it a huge range of 330 miles when driven well.

On the inside, the Model S has a 17inch touchscreen in the place of a traditional dashboard, with new features being added every day. This has resulted in the Tesla being, arguably, the most futuristic car you can currently buy. Higher end models will cost you a pretty penny however – around £85,000 to be precise…