Fuel economy: The best and worst cars

Throughout 2015, What Car? tested over 160 cars to see how their real fuel consumption measures up to the claims made by the manufacturers.

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As you can very well imagine, there were some discrepancies, showing that many cars did not perform as quoted.

Below, we have taken a look at some of the most economical cars when it comes to fuel consumption, as well as those guilty of fuel guzzling:

Best Performing

Mazda CX-3 SE-L Nav

Official: 70.6mpg

True: 58.6mpg

The latest model from Mazda packs a 1.5 turbodiesel engine under the bonnet, and manages a true mpg of 58.6. This may be lower than their claims, but it can still hold its head up at what it can actually achieve.

Hyundai i20 SE CRDi

Official: 68.9mpg

True: 59.4mpg

None of the cars in this list came close to matching their claimed figures, but the Hyundai i20 came the closest. The true mpg is still around 14 per cent shy of the official figures, but it is still a fairly economical car regardless.

Vauxhall Corsa CDTi SRi Ecoflex S/S

Official: 85.6mpg

True: 60.0mpg

The gap between fiction and fact with the Vauxhall is a massive 25mpg! With that being said, it is still a very competitively priced car with a spacious interior, and tops 60 mpg.

Audi A3 Ultra

Official: 83.1mpg

True: 62.3mpg

When the Audi hit the motorway, it actually hit 67.5mpg, so it does live up to the claims of being an economical choice, whilst offering the power of a 1.6 turbodiesel.

Toyota Auris Icon VVT-I Hybrid

Official: 78.5mpg

True: 64.0mpg

Top of the list is the Toyota Auris, which managed 54.3 mpg in city driving and 73.7 mpg on the motorways, leaving the petrol-electric hybrid as one of the most fuel efficient cars on the road at this moment in time.

Worst Performing

Range Rover Sport SVR

Official: 22.1mpg

True: 18.8mpg

In comparative terms, the difference between the official claims and the true consumption is only just over 3mpg, but the Range Rover can only manage an extremely low 18.8mpg, meaning you will have to visit the pumps a lot more often! But then again, is that really surprising for this type of car?

Vauxhall VXR8 GTS

Official: 18.5mpg

True: 19.5mpg

Surprisingly, the true consumption is higher than the manufacturers claim! Again, it is still low, but that can be seen as a small victory for the VXR8 GTS.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Official: 25.2mpg

True: 20.7mpg

Unsurprisingly, a turbocharged SUV isn’t going to be light on the fuel, and the Cayenne Turbo is no exception. Porsche claimed their extra-urban fuel consumption was 32.5mpg, whilst the testing revealed it is actually 23.6mpg. Regardless of this, an average consumption of just over 20mpg isn’t great!

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