Talking Knight Rider replica car up for sale… But there’s a catch

Fans of the cult TV show Knight Rider, as made famous by David Hasselhoff in the 1980’s, are being given the chance to bid on a car described as “absolutely identical in every detail” to the one driven by Michael Knight.

David Hasselhoff in KITT from Knight Rider up for auction after car valuation

The car even talks and can respond to commands, such as opening the windows upon instruction. However, there is a slight catch if you wanted this estimated £35,000 KITT replica to respond to voice commands…

Thanks to a “robo-domotic” computer system, complete with vocal identification, the car can carry out commands such as turning the lights on and off, opening and closing the windows, and even starting up the car. But only if you ask in Italian!

According to the listing on auction website Catawiki, “The vocal identification systems works only and exclusively in Italian”.

While replicas of the Knight Ride car are common, very few offer the technology that allows the owner to talk to the fictional personality of the car, known as KITT – an acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand.

The car does need a bit of work doing, but for a fan of the TV series, it is the ultimate replica (as long as they can speak Italian).

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Photo courtesy of Saad Faruque on Flickr, under Creative Commons