Five cheap to insure cars for 2016

Car insurance is an expensive necessity, whichever way you at it! However, if you are looking for cheap to insure cars in 2016, there are options out there.

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The best way to work out if a car is going to be cheap to insure is to look at what insurance group it lies in. These range from one to 50, and new cars in the lowest groups are easy to find. Prices will differ depending on personal circumstances, but looking in the lowest groups is generally the best way to find new cars with reasonable insurance costs.

With this in mind, we have taken a look at five small cars that are cheap to insure for 2016:

Dacia Sandero

With prices starting at just £5,995, the Sandero is the cheapest new car on sale in Britain at this moment in time. Despite having been the butt of jokes from many areas, including Top Gear, the motoring press still seem to back the Sandero as a decent car.

At entry level, it is a fairly bare machine, but it can be specced to create an acceptable vehicle which still undercuts the price of its competitors. Even the slightly upgraded Ambiance still benefits from group two insurance, whilst packing a bit more punch under the bonnet.

Smart ForFour

The new ForFour is a lot different to the older models from the mid ‘00’s, as it is much smaller and based on a similar platform as their ForTwo model.

Praised as an excellent option for a city car and a spacious interior for such a small car, the ForFour has been noted as not being the best drive in the world. There are a number of 1.0-litre options which causes it to land in the insurance group two.

Despite this, it is not cheap to buy, with prices start from £11,620. This is a surprising price tag, as it shares many of the parts from the next car on our list…

Renault Twingo

The Twingo has been labelled as something different to the norm in terms of a small car. The car is rear-enginned and rear-wheel drive, with the motor sitting underneath the boot floor. This allows extra space to be used for the interior, as well as a very small turning circle, due to the front wheels having more space to work with.

The entry level Twingo sits in insurance group two, and prices start from £9,495. This means the Twingo is a much more economically priced city car than the ForFour, with many of the same parts as we mentioned above.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa is slightly larger than the rest of the cars on the list, but is still very reasonable when it comes to insurance costs. The entry level Sting and Life models start from a very reasonable £9,495, and manage to fall into insurance group two even though they pack a 1.2 engine.

These models aren’t the pick of the bunch, however, as the Corsa using the new three-cylinder 1.0-litre turbo is the choice of many car fans and critics alike. However, these models are slightly more to insure, so the choice is down to you.

Volkswagen Up!

We have saved the cheapest to insure until last, as many entry level versions of the Up! fall into group one rating. The VW is also tiny measuring at just 11.5ft long, which is roughly the same length as a Fiat 500, although the Up! is a lot more spacious and sophisticated than the Fiat.

As it is a Volkswagen, the premium quality does make it an expensive option for a small car, starting at £8,945 for the 1.0-litre 59bhp entry level, which falls into insurance group one.

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Photo courtesy of Pictures of Money on Flickr, under Creative Commons