8 of the safest cars launched in 2015

When it comes to car safety, we are all looking for the best protection for our friends and family, should we be involved in a collision of any kind.

EuroNCAP, who crash-test all the major cars launched at facilities around Europe, have released a list of the best performing cars from 2015. In the last year, EuroNCAP introduced new standards of testing, including a new full-width frontal test, which had a huge influence of the fitment of rear seatbelt pre-tensioners and load-limiters.

Crash test dummies sat in convertible

Alongside of this, autonomous braking technology is making its way into more new cars coming onto the market, which helps increased safety ten-fold.

We have taken a look at the best in class winners from a range of car styles, to show 8 of the safest cars launched in 2015:

Supermini – Honda Jazz

There was barely any difference between the Jazz and the Suzuki Vitara, which were tied overall, with one car edging the other in other aspects of the assessment. However, the overall deciding factor that gave the Jazz the edge was Honda’s fitment strategy for their advanced safety systems.

Roadster – Mazda MX-5

Not only did the MX-5 receive great reviews for how it drives, but it benefited from a new focus via EuroNCAP on roadsters, which are a category of fairly expensive cars for which the importance of safety is often downplayed by car manufactures.

None of the cars tested managed to achieve 5 stars, with the absence of new avoidance technology counting against them, but the MX-5 was the best of the lot with four stars.

Small family car – Infiniti Q30

A relatively unheard of car, but the Q30 performed well in multiple areas. It may not have received very good reviews for its driving performance, but its active bonnet pedestrian protection put it amongst the best of 2015.

Large family car – Jaguar XE

This was another category in which two cars were very close, in this case the Toyota Avensis giving the Jaguar XE a run for its money. However, the XE took the top spot due to all of its safety equipment coming as standard. The Avensis has some driver assistance technologies, but these come as optional extras you have to pay for, rather than as standard.

Small SUV – Mercedes-Benz GLC

The compact Mercedes-Benz GLC notched a rather impressive 95 per cent in adult occupant protection and 82 per cent for pedestrian protection, which helped it take the top spot.

Large SUV – Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 took the top spot, and it’s no surprise given Volvo’s tradition in safety innovation. Achieving 97 per cent in adult occupant protection and the maximum score for safety assist technologies meant it beat off all rivals.

Small MPV – Volkswagen Touran

Achieving five stars overall, the Touran scored 88 per cent in adult protection and 89 per cent in child protection when it was tested – an excellent score to take it to the top of the small multi-purpose vehicle category.

Large MPV – Ford Galaxy/S-Max

Both the Ford Galaxy and S-Max narrowly beat the new Renault Espace, although that won’t be going on sale in the UK. Achieving 87 per cent on both adult and child protection ratings, they both also achieved 79 per cent on pedestrian protection.

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