Five of the most popular second-hand cars

When the time comes to cash in on your current car and pick up another model, we understand not everyone will be rushing to a dealership and driving away in a brand new car, due to the associated costs.

With some careful research and a bit of patience, you will be able to pick up a second-hand car in good condition, whilst saving yourself a substantial amount of money in the process.

We have taken a look at five of the most popular second-hand cars people often choose, which may help you in your search for that upgraded model. With prices varying so much, it is difficult to value these cars, as they could vary greatly. What we have done is listed them in ascending order of how they would be roughly priced.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a great family hatchback, and you can pick up one of the older models for as little as a couple hundred pounds. Obviously, the newer the model, the more economical the engine and enjoyable the drive will be. There is also plenty of space for a family of four and it is relatively inexpensive to run. However, the boot can be quite small and the arrangement of the cabin is often described as “busy”.

Audi A3

Thanks to remarkable build quality and somewhat of a cult image within the motor industry, the Audi A3 is very popular amongst people picking up a pre-owned car. They come with a range of efficient engines and comfortable rides, but can be quite expensive and not as much fun to drive as some others in the list.

BMW 1-series

The BMW 1-series is a premium badge rival to the Ford Focus, and feels great to drive, despite not being the most spacious of cars. The car has low CO2 emissions, and most models are surprisingly economical (the diesel models especially). However, at quicker speeds, the steering can feel quite light. Overall, one of the best small family cars out there, with surprisingly low running costs.

Lines of second-hand cars on a street for those looking to sell your car online

Volkswagen Golf

Despite the emissions scandal, the Volkswagen Golf is still a strong choice for people looking for a reliable, small car. Surprisingly spacious and extremely well built, the Golf is also very affordable to run. However, a lot of the models are still quite expensive to buy and some of the cheaper initial models have an unforgiving rear suspension. The Golf is also not as fun to drive as say the Ford Focus, but it is still a great choice for a small family car.

Mercedes C-class

The Mercedes C-class is one of the more executive looking cars on the list, with its executive interior and very comfortable ride. You will also get the renowned reliability that comes with Mercedes, and they are great cars at holding their value. For this reason, they are also pretty expensive in comparison to some of the others on the list, and the diesel engines can be quite noisy. These issues aside, those of you with more money in your budget who fancy something a bit classier, the Mercedes might be the option for you.

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