Five of the best electric cars

The age of electric cars is here, with many car manufacturers adding carbon neutral cars to their rosters. With this in mind, we have taken a look at five of the best rated electric cars on the market at the moment, to help those of you looking to make the switch!

Nissan Leaf

Being the best-selling electric car in the world, the Nissan Leaf has just had an upgrade to give a better full charge range. The great thing about the Leaf is that it was designed to be an electric car from the start, rather than being adapted from an existing model. This means it has been designed with plenty of room for passengers, as well as featuring a rather sizeable boot!

Prices for the Leaf start at £15,790, and the range is around 124 miles.

Volkswagen e-Golf

Looking at the e-Golf, you would think it was just your average VW Golf, but the giveaway is the light blue stripes across the grille. Once you’re inside the car, it’s difficult to tell the difference as well! Aside from the lack of noise, it handles exactly like its fuel counterpart, meaning you get a reliable and fun drive.

Prices for the e-Golf start at just over £26,000, and it offers you a range of around 118 miles on one full charge.

Renault Zoe

The one downside to the Zoe is that you have to lease the battery separately. However, it is still an extremely affordable car for those looking for a little run around. However, if you were looking at it to be the main family car, you may wish to look elsewhere.

The Zoe is priced from £13,445 and offers you a range of around 130 miles.

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a great little car to drive, with its super responsive handling and overall great performance. Built in lightweight carbon, some serious thought was put into the design and manufacturing process. It may not be the most practical car ever made, so much like the Zoe, you might wish to look elsewhere for a family car.

Prices start at a fairly steep £25,980, and comes with a range of 120 miles.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is currently top dog when it comes to electric cars, solving problems that afflict many other models. For example, it can seat up to 7 people meaning you won’t be short for space, and it is the electric car that just keeps on going, with a rather impressive range. Not only that, but it is great fun to drive and has extremely low running costs.

Tesla Model S, an electric option for those upgrading after asking “where to sell my car”

The downside is the price, which currently stands at a breath taking £56,200! This does however come with a range of 265 miles, which is over double all of the other cars in the list!

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Photo courtesy of Martino Castelli, under Creative Commons