These weird modified cars are all the rage in Japan

Japan Bosozoku Car Modification Modding Boy Racer Automobile Vehicle | Wizzle Sell My Car App UKJapan is well known for being somewhere where weird is considered wonderful, but even in the Land of the Rising Sun these cars are a little bit ‘out there’.

The video which you can see below was posted on YouTube earlier this week and shows a meet up by car enthusiasts in Tokyo in Japan.

These truly bonkers “Bosozoku” cars were captured on a Sunday morning and can be seen peeling off the Japanese capital’s sky-high, multi-layered expressway and rolling into the infamous Daikoku parking area. After watching a few seconds of the clip it’s obvious these vehicles aren’t just your standard Japanese boy-racer type cars – GC210 Skylines, Z10 Soarers and Toyota Chasers – but are made up of far more unusual makes and models.

That’s because Bosozoku, which literally translates as ‘violent running-tribe’, is the term for a car aesthetic subculture which first became popular amongst 1950s motorcycle gangs.

It took off as a way for bikers to express their frustration with the way society was becoming conformist and they broke the country’s strict motoring rules by riding wildly modified, unsilenced motorbikes with mental fairings and huge, extravagant seatbacks.

The trend worked its way into the world of four wheels and now you can see the results – bulbous bodywork, crazy spoilers, dropped suspension, exhausts which scrape the sky, odd ‘ground effect’ overbites and even oil coolers hanging off front bumpers.

Now Bosozoku owners love nothing more than meeting up, revving engines and sitting right on the redline – something you can see in this video:

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Image: LiftArn under Creative Commons