Ten cars which ceased production in 2015

Land Rover Defender Porsche 911 Ferrari 458, Italia Mini Coupe Audi R8 | Wizzle App Sell My Car OnlineHere at Wizzle we can help you sell on your car whether it’s brand new or as old as the hills – but with every year that goes by we know there are certain cars we will only be dealing with as second hand models in future.

That’s because every year the car industry stops producing certain models, and we thought that as we approach the end of 2015 we’d look at ten which will no longer be made in 2016.

1 The Ferrari 458 Italia

It was a sad day for Ferrari fans earlier this year when the Italian car maker announced it was ceasing production on the last naturally-aspirated V8 Ferrari road car. With many people believing it was one of the best Ferrari V8’s ever made, it will be missed.

2 The Mercedes SLS AMG

Like the Ferrari, this car will be much missed and the fact the production line has stopped rolling for this car will bring a tear to the eye for some petrol heads.

While its successor, the AMG V8, may be easier to drive and better looking, fans will miss the old car’s 6.2-litre engine and distinctive gullwing doors.

3 The Citroën DS5

It’s not really a surprise that Citroen called time on this vehicle, since it was cursed with a ridiculously firm ride and awful resale values – it was a car you’d never recommend to a friend.

However, it was at least distinctive and had real character, unlike its successor.

4 The Mini Coupé

Again, it’s not surprising this car has been canned by BMW, since it never really sold.

However, that was surprising itself as it was great fun to drive. Another car which will be missed, but only by a few.

5 The Vauxhall Ampera

Another car which never really sold, despite the fact it seemed genuinely ground breaking when it was released four years ago.

The hybrid Ampera was unique at the time in being able to generate electricity to start itself even with flat batteries, but sadly people just weren’t happy with the idea of spending £30,000 on a fairly ugly and impractical four seater Vauxhall.

6 Land Rover Defender

The Ampera had a short run and won’t be missed by many, but the same isn’t true of this vehicle.

The legendary land Rover Defender has had a 67 year run of production and is loved by millions of people all round the world for its ability and durability. The fact it’s been canned now isn’t too surprising given the ability of other newer vehicles to match what the Defender does and the fact it feels its age, with poor handling, noisy engines and one of the worst driving positions going.

Yet it will still be missed more than any other car on this list.

7 The Porsche 911

Well, that may not be entirely true as the 911 may be able to match the Defender in terms of its place in people’s affections.

It’s been a part of the motoring landscape for longer than most cars, and to be truthful it won’t be completely disappearing. Like Ferrari, Porsche has opted to replace the 911’s naturally-aspirated engines with turbo units, so you will be able to get an updated version of the car in 2016.

8 The Volvo XC90

Another car which is being axed to make way for an update, this Volvo will also be getting a new four cylinder engine in place of its old five-cylinder units.

9 The Volkswagen Eos

There was a time when convertibles with folding metal roofs were all the rage, and at that point this car was probably the best of the lot, which would explain why you could still buy one up until this year, when the others have all perished long ago.

10 The Audi R8

This car was Audi’s first crack at a supercar, but was so good anyone could be forgiven for believing the Germans had been making them for years.

Like the Ferrari, Porsche, Land Rover and Mercedes, it’ll be missed.

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