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Why sell my car with Wizzle?

At Wizzle we do things differently, we get you the best car valuation by putting your car, directly in front of the best dealers in the country. By cutting out the middlemen and going directly to dealers, you will get the best car valuation and sell your car for more. Wizzle is a free service that allows you to appraise your own car using our Apple and Android apps. With your appraisal complete Wizzle broadcast’s your car appraisal to thousands of dealers who are desperately looking for cars like yours and will pay you more for it than traditional cash for car services. If you decide to accept an offer the dealer will contact you to arrange collection and payment.

When it’s finally time to sell a car people often ask themselves “how do I sell my car, get the best price and with the least amount of hassle”. Because of these questions, we decided to look at how we could help people like you

Wizzle is a unique platform that allows anyone to sell a car direct to dealers all around the country. By going directly to dealers, you will get a better price than to sell your car to a traditional car buying company.

It is well known that dealers buy cars from car auctions who intern buy those cars from traditional car buying companies. The issue with this is that you have two companies between you and the dealer making money out of your car. Both the car buying company and the car auction make a profit on the sale of your car normally at least 10% each.

As an example if your car is worth £5,500 to a dealer they will pay that directly to you. However if you sell your car to a car buying company, they will likely offer you a maximum of £4,500 as they then sell it to the car auction house for £5,000 who then sell it to the dealer for £5,500.

Now even if your car is worth £5,500 to a dealer direct you’re still unlikely to get even £4,500 from the car buying company. The reason is that when you get an online car valuation from them they use an automated price which takes little or no account of the condition, colour, specification, etc. Not only that, most will expect you to drive to them and when you turn up, they chip away at the already really low price they offered you online, charge you an admin fee and then another fee to send you your money.

This is where Wizzle comes in. First of all, we provide you the same car appraisal tool that dealers use to appraise your car professionally. We then broadcast your car to a network of thousands of dealers who will email you their prices. You are in complete control and can accept the best price available. If you accept an offer, the dealer will contact you to arrange payment and collection from you, be it at home or work whatever suits you best.

Wizzle is a free service for you to use to sell your car and give you the best price with none of the usual hassle. With nothing to lose and all to gain sell your car today with Wizzle.

  • Over 3,000 dealers compete to give you the best price
  • Dealers collect from you, for free
  • Quick payment direct to your bank account
  • No unexpected costs or hidden admin fees
  • Complete your own appraisal with our easy to use apps
  • Cars with outstanding finance accepted
  • Hassle free, honest service
  • Free to use and nothing to lose

Download our free and easy to use car appraisal apps straight onto your compatible Apple or Android Smartphone and Tablets. All you need to do is follow the simple on screen instructions to get you the best car valuations and sell your car for the best price.

Appraisal complete, Wizzle will then broadcast your car to sell to our network of 1,000s of dealers all over the country who will make you offers via email. All you need to do is sit back and watch all the email offers come in and pick the highest offer. You’ll probably get a quick transaction because Wizzle keeps your car advertised to our network of dealers for 5 days.

Once you’ve decided on an offer and accepted it Wizzle will release your contact details to the winning dealer. They will then promptly make contact with yourself to arrange collection and payment for your car. As convenience is at the heart of Wizzle, dealers will collect your car from home or at work which ever suits you best and will pay you in full prior to taking it away.