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Why do we ask for these details?

"What a fab new way to sell your car without any hassle! I found the whole experience from start to finish fantastic."

Why sell my car with Wizzle?

Because at Wizzle, we do things differently. Wizzle helps you sell your car to thousands of dealers across the UK. This is how Wizzle works, and it means you can compare offers and get more for your car. Wizzle is always free and gives you a realistic idea of what your car is worth.

Selling your car can be complicated and scary. So we created Wizzle to make it easier and simpler to sell your car. Wizzle – sell my car, is a website (and the Wizzle app, Wizzle iOS App or Wizzle Android App) that helps you sell your car to dealers and car buyers around the country. If you sell your car directly to Wizzle dealers like this, you can get a much better price than if use car buying companies. Wizzle sell my car, gives you more offers, and helps you get better prices.

Normally Car Dealers buy their stock from Motor Auctions. The Motor Auctions in turn get their cars from big Car Buying companies. Because your car has to pay for so many companies, you can get much less for it. Each of these companies can take 10% out of your car’s value. With Wizzle and the Wizzle App, you get what your car is worth.

Car buying companies use automatic pricing to decide the value of your car. These systems often ignore the condition, colour, or special features of your car, and offer you the lowest price they can. After that, you find out you have to drive to the Car Buying depot, outside of town. When you eventually speak to the salesman – they chip away at the price they offered, charge you an “admin fee” and a “money sending” fee. At Wizzle, we don’t think this old fashioned way of doing things is fair.  And you shouldn’t either.

This is where Wizzle and the Wizzle Apps come in. We use the same cutting edge software that dealers use to look at your car professionally (In fact, our sister company AUTOi actually makes this car appraisal software). This means that Wizzle can broadcast your car to thousands of dealers, who will email you their prices.

Wizzle puts you in complete control, so you can accept the best price available. If you are happy with an offer, the dealer will contact you to arrange payment and find out when they can pick up your car.

I had a few offers and received great advice from the Wizzle team as to what I should expect for my car. In the end I got a great offer!
- Joanne McGeachy
Straightforward, smooth and polished - would recommend. I got a good price for my car!
- Michael Buschwerk
Extremely professional and friendly team. Wizzle is the quickest and easiest way to sell your car - plus it’s free!
- Gary O’Shea
  • Over 3,000 Dealers
  • Compare offers for best prices
  • Fast payment
  • No fees
  • Quick and easy process
  • Outstanding finance cars accepted
  • Hassle free, honest service

You can use the Wizzle website or the free Apple or Android apps. Just follow the simple instructions, which takes about 5 minutes, and upload details of your car.

Sit back and wait for the offers to come in. Once you've uploaded details of your car, 1000's of car dealers and buyers across the country can send you their best offer - competing to buy your car.

Pick the best offer, and we'll send your contact details to the winning dealer. They'll contact you to send you the money and find out when they can come and pick up your car.